Jon is proud to be appointed as the UK's VIST binding sales, mounting & service centre by VIST (

VIST's binding line is one of the relatively few new designs on the market. Unique in that all the models offered by Jon are based on the same high end performance chassis\'s with the same advanced features, the only difference being the springs used & the mounting method. All bindings feature an extremely reliable upward release at both the heel & toe and a toe that is very stiff laterally until it reaches it's release point, which keeps your boot straight ahead & in until it is time to go, with the teflon race AFD (anti friction device) giving a very smooth & reliable release. The heel piece has a long release lever that even at high DIN settings is easy to use, especially when manually clicking-in in deep powder.

The VIST 'Speedlock' system is unique in the marketplace as it allows the user to quickly alter the position of the toe & heel pieces to alter the fore/aft balance point, thus enabling the user to set-up their personalised & ideal balance point for their intended use. This feature also allows for use by different people/boot sole lengths etc. With additional Speedlock plates mounted on other skis just one pair of toe & heel pieces can be quickly swapped between different pairs of skis which not only reduces cost but also reduces luggage weight for airline travel etc.

In addition to the Speedlock system, VIST also produce the superb 'Free' range of bindings which are mounted directly on to any flat skis in the conventional manner.

Furthermore, VIST's 'Race' binding offering is second to none, as indicated by their frequent success at all levels from club racing to the World Cup circuit, especially when mounted on on their famour range of 'WC Race Plates'. These bindings operate at higher level DIN settings for racers & performance free riders, with the added option of being able to block the vertical toe release function.  

Four brake widths are available to fit all skis & which are interchangeable between all the Speedlock, Free & Race bindings:

Standard           -   72mm
Wide                 -  92mm
Extra wide         - 115mm
Extra extra wide - 155mm

All items, ie bindings, plates, covers, brakes & AFD's etc, are available as either sets or as individual items so when all the DIN & colour options are allowed for the list is just too great to detail so contact Jon to discuss your requirements & for prices.

has all four of the VIST binding mounting jigs & will be pleased to mount any pair of VIST plates or bindings purchased free of charge or for an additional charge include Campbell Balancing analysis to determine the user's ideal fore/aft balance position prior to fitting.

Contact Jon for package deals when combining with either ski &/or Quiver Killer binding inserts. 
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