Binding Mounting & Quiver Killer Inserts Installation

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Jon specialises in mounting bindings, either conventionally or with Quiver Killer inserts, & has the mounting jigs or templates for all the ski bindings on the market.


Conventional 'flat' binding mount if either the skis or the bindings are purchased from Jon - FOC

Conventional binding plate mount if the plates are purchased from Jon - FOC

Conventional 'flat' binding mount of customers own skis & bindings - £45.00  

Conventional binding plate mount of customers own plates - £25.00

Plugging old binding holes (if required) - £5.00 per set

Set-up of customers own rail mounted 'system' bindings - £15.00                                               


The Piste Office is proud to continue it's appointment as the exclusive UK distributor and leading retailer for Quiver Killers since their launch a number of years ago. 
Quiver Killers
are threaded inserts for ski binding mounting holes that once installed & with the bindings screws exchanged for M5 machine screws, allow the bindings to be removed/reinstalled as often as you like - just like snowboard bindings.
The inserts are made from non rusting stainless steel & have a closed end to give a water tight seal to the skis core. The course outer thread grips the skis core whilst the fine rolled inner thread gives the M5 bindings screws a metal to metal fixing to the ski, all of which combines to give a mount that's over 40% stronger than a conventional binding mount.

  • save cost by sharing bindings across other skis
  • reduces bulk/weight for travelling
  • switch between alpine & touring bindings on the same skis
  • bindings quickly removed & reinstalled with just a no.2 pozi driver

Tech Facts:

  • Outer thread:              5/16-18
  • Inner thread:               M5
  • Overall length:            8.2mm
  • Inner thread depth:    6.2mm
  • Weight:                       1.1g

Quiver Killers are available to purchase from the Online Store for your own installation and Jon is always available to give advice having personally installed over 1200 sets!  Or simply get Jon to install them for you at the following prices: 

Installation in pre-drilled skis - £35.00 per set (exc cost of inserts, mounting screws & threadlock)
Installation in undrilled skis   - £45.00 per set (exc cost of inserts, mounting screws & threadlock)

The cost of the inserts, mounting screws & threadlock (& installation kits if required) are in the Online Store.

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