Off-Piste Equipment Checklist

vt guide day
Unnamed Valley, Val Thorens. Pic by Rob Rees.
Here's a list of what I carry with me on day tours which fits easily in to my Scott Air 30 RAS airbag backpack with room to spare:

On Person:
  •     Transceiver
  •     Lift pass
  •     Lip salve
  •     Whistle (attached to my jacket zip)
  •     Piste map
  •     Insurance card & EHIC (if in Europe)
In Backpack (with ski carry facility):
  •     Water (2 x Camelback 500ml bottles)
  •     Food/energy bar/chocolate etc
  •     Hat
  •     Face mask
  •     Snood
  •     Skins
  •     Ski crampons
  •     Boot crampons
  •     Clothing layers (usually a mid weight fleece &/or gillet &/or down jacket
  •     Spare gloves
  •     Spare goggles
  •     Sunglasses
  •     Sun cream
  •     Mobile phone (c/w emergency numbers) in waterproof case
  •     Inclinometer
  •     Shovel
  •     Probe
  •     Compass
  •     1:25000 map
  •     Headband torch
  •     Binding/boot de-icer tool
  •     Leatherman multi-tool
  •     No.2 pozi screwdriver (for QK screws)
  •     Spare pole basket
  •     Cash & credit card
  •     Pen & paper
  •     Thermal blanket
  •     First Aid kit
  •     Duct tape (a length taped around the shaft of each pole)
  •     Cable ties
  •     Moonflex Minituner & alu-oxide stone (or Edge Trick tuning tool)
The European emergency services telephone number is 112.
The international distress signal is six short sharp blasts on a whistle (or torch flashes) followed by a one minute break/silence, then repeat.
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